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The West Virginia Agricultural and Rural Small Business Energy Audit Program is funded by USDA REAP grant and will be conducted by the West Virginia University Industrial Assessment Center (WVU-IAC).

About WV USDA REAP Project

The main objective of the program is to assist agricultural producers and rural small businesses in West Virginia in reducing their energy consumption and costs. The energy audits, specifically developed for agricultural producers and rural small businesses, will conducted and promoted to the businesses interested in reducing their energy savings and environmental emissions. The energy audits will follow the USDA guidelines and will provide a comprehensive report on audit recommendations to each client. The report will provide detailed information on current energy usage, recommendations for potential improvements, estimated implementation costs, resulting savings, the rate of dollars saved per year, and the simple payback period. The energy audit process will also educate the clients about the technical aspects of their operations, processes and the supporting elements through which efficient energy utilization can be accomplished. The clients will also be introduced to the relevant Best-Practices software/tools/resources used in the development of audit recommendations. The clients will also be made aware of various USDA programs designed to provide funding for implementing audit recommendations. One such program is Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvement Loans and Grants.

Meet the team

Dr. Ashish Nimbarte

Principal Investigator

Assistant Director




Dr. Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan

Co-Principal Investigator





Jesse E. Gandee

Rural Business Specialist Rural Development

U.S. Department of Agriculture



Any technical assistance feel free to contact: dev.wvusdareap@gmail.com